Patio area landscaping project completed by Greenscape.

Your Landscape Budget: An Intelligent Approach

Lanscaping work done at an office park.
When determining your landscape budget there are a multitude of factors to keep in mind. The main goal is to identify those components and employ a strategic approach that will best suit your property and it’s needs. Too often managers use a generic proposal, or an outdated scope of work for multiple properties that have very different needs. A one–size fits all approach is not only inefficient, it can produce lower quality results.

It is important to understand your business and its priorities and goals before establishing a landscape budget. Despite the distinctly different characteristics a landscape is in a sense a building system. Like other building systems, it performs a function. In the case of a landscape system, the function can be as straight forward and mundane as erosion control or screening, or it can perform a more subjective function like water conservation, employee comfort or curb appeal. A manager confronted with some difficult budget limitations had better have a clear understanding of the function of their landscape before deciding to defer some routine maintenance. In fact, the budget management tool of deferring certain routine landscape maintenance should only be used as a last resort and even then, it should only be done with consultation of a trusted landscape professional.

A common mistake made by managers is to defer some seemingly unimportant maintenance item only to have it rear its head two years later as a significant capital improvement. This of course is only a problem if not anticipated and thus accounted for in a prior year. Another frequent mistake is not acknowledging the changing needs of a landscape.  A Landscape is a living entity which has changing needs as it matures. As a landscape matures the scope of work needs reviewed and tailored to its changing needs. Some services may need to be adjusted or added, while others become unnecessary. Again, consulting a certified landscape professional is you best defense. Even the most seasoned and intelligent managers have succumbed to the temptation of a low bid.  Years of experience have exposed the fact that a curiously low bid is rarely accompanied by the experience and the credentials necessary to navigate these budget nuances.  A custom, tailor-made approach to the landscape services often benefits managers in their pursuit to maximize the value received from often undersized budgets.

At Greenscape we take pride in our ability to deliver exceptional service within budget regardless of the size of property or the scope of work.  If you are using the same scope of work over and over you are going to be out of tune with the landscape needs, and not maximizing your budget to its fullest potential.Our proven track record showcases situations in which we are both adaptive and flexible in being creative budget wise. We are grateful to work with clients who trust in our expertise and allow us to truly provide our knowledge and service to their properties.Customers want services that are personally-suited and tailored to their property. Focusing on being able to maximize their budget and propose relevant high impact solutions will aid in establishing strong and loyal relationships.

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