Patio area landscaping project completed by Greenscape.

Multi-Site Service Model

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Whether it’s a restaurant chain, a convenience store, a pharmacy or hospitality, the “chain” model has earned the reputation for value, consistency and convenience. While patronizing these multi-site establishments, oftentimes one cannot tell if he or she is in their hometown or at a location in a completely different state. The service, and the aesthetic is consistent no matter the geographical location.  It comes as no surprise that the businesses offering this delivery model expect the same quality, value and consistency from their vendors and service providers. A business location can have the best service provider in their region but if that exact same service cannot be scaled to cover multiple regions, then the ability to consistently reproduce their brand becomes increasingly difficult. This challenge grows with each location added, and as the distance from the base grows. In no industry is this fact more evident than in the landscape business. Some of the most forward-thinking, process-driven landscape service providers have been able to capitalize on this fact. In doing so, they have been able to consolidate hundreds of client locations in multiple states into a single contract, a single point of contact, and in many cases, a single invoice.

The successful execution of this service delivery model yields a multiplier effect.  A perceptive person will quickly realize that most businesses with multi-site locations, whether they be complimentary or competition, tend to localize in the same neighborhoods within the distinct regions. An efficient landscape branch that is well located and creatively structured to be nimble, can be routed and managed for maximum productivity. Beyond the original target client, the branch often finds itself with excess capacity and conveniently located to pick up work from a multitude of nearby, similarly structured target businesses all within the seamless flow of their daily routes. When this occurs, the landscape service provider and the chain businesses all experience the pinnacle of service, consistency and value. A true win-win. If you are responsible for managing multiple locations and you have not yet explored the consolidation of vendors to add value, improve consistency and quality and to reduce costs, it may be time to investigate this option. The easiest way to find the most qualified landscape service provider is to visit your local chain store and see who is servicing it. If that is not a possibility, please contact Greenscape’s Corporate Headquarters in Raynham, MA and they can connect you with their nearest branch location.