Patio area landscaping project completed by Greenscape.

Landscape Maintenance Approach

Greenscape can handle all of your landscape maintenance needs.
When it comes to landscape maintenance, every property can be vastly different. The scope of work ranges significantly and dramatically depending on the situation and unlimited amounts of varying factors involved. However, despite the disparity, clients oftentimes find themselves looking at a proposal that may be nearly identical to one from another property. Different layout and design, different budget, different needs, yet… uncannily similar proposal. Unfortunately, a one-size fits all approach is not only inefficient, it can also be ineffective in accomplishing quality results.
Rather than presenting a boiler plate template, it is imperative that contractors take a strong look at the horticultural needs and expectations of the property up front. Through a more attentive and strategic approach, contractors will be able to provide exponential value to their clients. With an all-encompassing action plan, the threat of surprises (usually the unpleasant type), are eliminated. Customers want services that are personally-suited and tailored for their property. Focusing on being able to maximize their budget and propose relevant high impact solutions will aid in establishing strong and loyal relationships. If you feel your scope of work could use an updated review, please Click Here.