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Employee Spotlight: Wilfredo Torres

Spotlight for our hardworking employee, Wilfredo Torres.
Greenscape aspires to attract and retain the most talented and dedicated employees available in whatever markets we compete. To that end, we have developed internally a very comprehensive employee reward program with which we can both encourage and reward the behaviors that allow us to remain best in class.  We like to think that those who interact with Greenscape professionals notice the difference. Beyond our spontaneous rewards for excellence, we maintain monthly, quarterly and annual awards throughout all of our locations. Still, from time to time, one employee rises to the top in exemplary fashion. This employee is recognized both internally and externally with our “Employee Spotlight”.

Throughout 22 years of loyal service, Wilfredo has progressed at a rapid rate and brings value to not only the company, but to everyone he comes in contact with. His journey began as a laborer where he demonstrated exceptional work ethic and a relentless attention to detail.  Quickly thereafter he transitioned to a foreman role where he showcased his innate understanding for overarching project and company goals. Wilfredo’s ability to understand, teach, and cooperate with his co-workers allowed him to be in the positions he holds today: Supervisor & Project Manager. Wilfredo is well versed in a wide variety of skills and able to deliver results efficiently and effectively.

While Wilfredo’s extensive experience and knowledge is certainly admirable, one of his most redeeming qualities is how he treats the people around him. Wilfredo is extremely well respected throughout all levels of the organization as well as with our partners and clients. The reason being, his consistent drive to go above and beyond the call of duty. He is always eager to jump in and get his hands dirty no matter the task, and the guys on the field trust and respect him for his devotion.  Through listening and incorporating ideas Wilfredo empowers folks to be truly invested in the team and the mission. His strategic foresight is tremendous as well as his adaptability and demeanor when issues arise. Bringing a positive and professional attitude day in and day out, makes for his contagious energy that anyone who has spoken with him can attest to. We are very fortunate to have such a positive leader on our team who exemplifies Greenscape values!