Patio area landscaping project completed by Greenscape.

Assessing Your Landscape

Contact our qualified landscape professionals to assess your landscape.
​Finally, we can all agree that winter is merely a distant memory. The spring clean ups are wrapping up, curbing and irrigation heads that were damaged from snow plows have been repaired, and we are on to the next phase. Despite the seasonal challenges of New England weather, landscaping crews are finally settling into the regular routine of landscape service. Now is a time of year when it becomes vitally important to be assessing your landscape.

While of course there are many predictable repairs after a long season of snow and ice, there are additional areas to consider that could be costing you. These costs can come from a variety of places and can be identified by a qualified landscape professional. Conditions such as wasted water from leaking irrigation systems and inefficient bed layout can add unnecessary costs to your property’s maintenance program. Additionally, costs can be in the form of ongoing maintenance on areas of turf that could be converted to groundcover, meadow, or wildflower.

There are also opportunities to improve building efficiencies. For instance, large trees planted on the south side of a building can produce shade which in turn can minimize the need for air conditioning during the hot summer months. This same strategy can protect and shield from the fierce winds in the cold winter months. If your building has a solar array, another chance to heighten efficiency is to plant a green roof which can drop the ambient temperature, thus allowing it to perform more effectively.

Landscape Developement

Though some improvements may not contribute immediately, many will allow you to continually save money over time. With the proper and thorough assessment, a well- managed landscape can certainly add dollars to your bottom line. If you would like a free professional assessment done at your commercial property or community please Click Here!

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